By: Charlotte Dowell, Intern

Summer is a great time to slow down, and spend time with friends and family.  The best way to do this is by throwing a fun summer event!  Here at Ideabar we love throwing events for our clients.  Our staff is extremely versed in all aspects of throwing an incredible party from stellar invitations, to the most delicious caterer in South Florida.  

Madelon Ziska is our invitation maven.  According to Mattie the way in which an invitation is delivered is a great way to make a statement about the event before it even happens.  “You have to know what deserves an evite and what deserves FedEx,” she says.  One tip she gives is if possible, and if the event is a truly luxurious one, a hand delivered invitation with white gloved service is great way to make invitees feel special.   

Lizzi Bickford Sned our go-to on sophisticated anything says Christin Carron and Lauren Kukkamaa of Luxe Report Designs really know how best to turn a casual get together into a fabulous party.  One tip from Christin and Lauren is: don’t forget the fruit!  Fruit in place of or in addition to flowers are a great way to add some fun and variety to a table setting.  Bright colored, local citrus is a great way to make a table pop while still sticking to the essence of South Florida.  

Scott Velozo our master of PR and events says “A printed invitation sets the tone for the party. It lets your guests know that you took the time to mail an invitation and that you’ll be paying attention to all the details.”