By: Charlotte Dowell, Intern

X Pro II, Lo-Fi, and Hefe: to the photographically illiterate those are just nonsense words.  However, to the Instagram famous and the photography addicts those three words are the difference between an amateur picture of a coffee cup and a stunning photograph of a cappuccino.  Those three odd sounding words are actually names for photo filters.  On the social media platform Instagram, under editing options there are a dozen or so different filters that can be added to any photo or video for a different effect.  They can change the tones in the photo, where the light is concentrated, and even add a vintage look!

In the visual world we live in these filters really are important.  They help amateurs produce photographs that look like professional works and allow people to experiment with creativity in the world of photography.  In this example photograph the photographer took the photo on the left with no filter, but on the right the photographer used the filter Lo-Fi.  By adding the Lo-Fi filter, the colors are more saturated; the warmer tones in the photo are more emphasized; the light is more focused on the face.  

Filters really have to power to make a normal photo amazing.  Try experimenting with filters on photos, and you too can become a photography genius.