By: Charlotte Dowell, Intern

When starting a business or launching a product it is very important to establish a brand identity, but then remembering to stay true to that identity when, hopefully, your business becomes a huge success.  Sisters Danielle and Jodie Snyder discovered how important staying true to your brand really is after launching their jewelry line, DANIJO.  As a small business the sisters marketed their jewelry by emphasizing the handmade aspect and appealing to the bohemian woman.  Now after their designs have been seen on major celebrities like Jessica Alba and appearing in major fashion magazines their company took off.  Though they became an icon in jewelry design they didn’t abandon their brand.  In a recent interview with Rebekah Epstein of Entrepreneur the sisters divulged their secrets to staying true to their brand.  

“Constantly change but remain the same.”  Make sure you are always delivering new product but that is retains the essence of the brand.

“Social media is your best friend.” Social media is a way to expose your brand to an exponential number of people and lets it organically spread to others.

“It is about who you know.” Putting your product on people who matter is the easiest way to get free advertising and to make your items desirable.  Celebrities create demand and increase traffic for a product.

“Don’t be anywhere and everywhere.”  Make sure your product is placed in stores and website that match your brand and help perpetuate your brand.  It is all about aligning yourself with stores that will advance your brand not detract from it.  

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