By: Charlotte Dowell, Intern

Color can be a very powerful but often overlooked tool in sales.  Getting a consumer to come to your store and then also buy something can be challenging.  However, by successfully utilizing color it can increase traffic and sales in a retail store.  There are many different ways to most efficiently and successfully use color to your advantage.  

1.    Use color to tell a story.  Think of a theme for your business or store and paint around that theme.  
2.    Use cool tones to bring a sense of calm to customers, and warm tones to bring a sense of comfort.
3.    Use colors as alerts.  Subconsciously humans associate red with stopping, so if there a specific product you are trying to sell frame it in red to hint at customers to stop.  
4.    Use colors to build brand recognition.  Bring colors from your logo into your retail space to create a sense of continuity and better emphasize your branding and logo.  
5.    But as with anything, less is more.  Be careful not to drown your product in color or drown the space in color.  

For more information on these tips click on this link to read Entrepreneur’s article on this topic: