I'm the only person I know, personally, who loves books as much as I do. I love reading books, buying books, having books and giving books. And apparently there is a whole community on Instagram of book lovers who love books just as much - if not WAY MORE than I do! They like to refer to themselves (and I am now included in this collective) as the Bookstagram community.

I discovered Bookstagram gradually. It started by deciding to follow a couple of publishing houses, like Penguin Classics and Random House. That led to me browsing through comments and coming upon usernames that all related to books. Once I clicked through a few of those and saw that all of their posts were pictures of books, I was hooked. It took a few weeks of me 'following' these bookish accounts before I finally decided I had to get involved and created my own bookstagram account. Now I spend my evenings and mornings taking pictures of books. You may think it's crazy; but luckily my fellow #booknerdigans don't :)

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